Asian Bob Pics You will Love


Asian women generally have thick and straight hair so bob hairstyles would look great on her. If you are Asian or have same hair type with Asians you can opt with these bob hairstyle ideas below:

1. Short Asian Bob

Short bob hairstyles are so common among Asian girls, it creates cute and modern style for young women.

Asian Bob

2. Dark Colored Bob

Long bob hairstyles are getting more and more popular because there are many different hair styling options for lobs.

Asian Bob Haircut

3. Cute Bob

Asian girls look really cute with bob hairstyle even it is a simple and classy bob hair.

Asian Bob Hairstyles

4. Blunt Cut

Blunt cut is a cute way to make your look much more fuller, short bob hairstyles can be both layered or not depends on your preferences.

Asian Bob Cut

5. 2016 Hair Trend

Ash colored hairstyles are one of the most common styles for Asians, if you have pale skin tones you should avoid ash brown hair color.

Asian Bob Hairstyle

6. Asian Women with Short Hair

Here is a layered short bob hairstyle for Asian women, this haircut can be sported by women with thick or thin hair texture.

Asian Bob-6

7. Yumiko Shaku

Long bangs creates a nice and sophisticated style, it is in a great harmony with the haircut and nicely frames her face.

Asian Bob-7

8. Gray Hair

This one is for older ladies, short bobs are very easy to style and maintain, only thing you should do is wash your hair and you are ready to go!

Asian Bob-8

9. Medium Length

You can maintain any hair type with a layered long bob hairstyle like this one below:

Asian Bob-9

10. Asian Short Hair with Bangs

Bangs, layering and dark hair color do their job nicely to create cut and chic look for this Asian cutie.

Asian Bob-10

11. Side Bangs

Side swept bangs and layering creates a nice harmony for girls with triangle or heart shaped faces.

Asian Bob-11

12. Pixie-Bob

You may say this is a bob or the other one my say this is a bob haircut, beauty of the transition of two haircuts can be seen in this hairstyle:

Asian Bob-12

13. Side Parted

Asian Bob-13

14. Street Style

Dark hair color emphasize her light skin and facial features that her red lips look glaring. You can complete your street style with this bob hair.

Asian Bob-14

15. Cute Bangs

Lastly i want to show you very cute blunt bob hairstyle with long bangs, this style is perfect for straight hair.

Asian Bob-15


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