Chic and Elegant Bobs for Women Over 50


Would you like to update your look with an elegant bob hairstyle and look much more younger? Take a look at these Chic and Elegant Bobs for Women Over 50 and be inspired by these looks!

1. Seraphina Ashe

With angled bob hairstyle like this one below, you will look stylish and modern with gray hair.

Bob Hairstyles for Over 50

2. Medium Length Bob

Medium layered bob hairstyles are great for a fresh and younger look.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 50

3. Women Over 50

This wavy gray bob hairstyle with volume looks really chic and stylish on this women.

Bob Haircuts for Women Over 50

4. Melinda Lee

Here is another layered bob hairstyle with side bangs and waves, this is a great cut for women with thick hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50

5. Slicked Back Bob

Slicked back hairstyles would make you look much more younger than middle parted styles.

Bob Haircuts for Over 50

6. Straight Bob

Here is a side parted gray bob hairstyle for straight hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50-6

7. Denise Olive

Short bob hairstyles are great option for mature women with white hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50-7

8. Simple Bob

This simple brunette bob hair with gorgeous highlights make her look much more younger and stylish.

Bobs for Women Over 50-8

9. Cutest Short Bob

Layered short hairstyles are great for giving some texture and style to your hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50-9

10. Thick Hair

This bow cut is an elegant choice for older women with thick hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50-10

11. Modern Hairstyle

This modern short hairstyle with ash hair color would be great for older black women.

Bobs for Women Over 50-11

12. Short Bob

Here is another simple short bob hairstyle with gray hair color.

Bobs for Women Over 50-12

13. Side Bangs

Flicked layers and wispy side parted bangs gives some dimension and movement to this bob hair.

Bobs for Women Over 50-13

14. Short Stacked Bob

Tapered back and inverted short bob hair…

Bobs for Women Over 50-14

15. Short Blonde Bob

This bob hairstyle with layering at the end of the hair and side parted bangs is a really modern style for women over 50. 

Bobs for Women Over 50-15


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