Cute and Chic 15+ Half Up Half Down Bob


Half up and half down is one hairstyle that can take a shot at both casual and formal occasions. Regardless of whether you have short wavy hair or a short bob, half up hairstyle can easily add glam to your look without making you investigate the top. A classic half up is forever our favorite and will be, however, a slight upgrade won’t harm, are we right?

Here are 15+ cute and chic ways you can upgrade your half up half down bob hairstyles.

1. Half Up Bob Style

Part your hair and bun on the half up segment. Secure with a hair elastic or bobby pins and you are ready.

Half Up Bob


2. Braided Half Up Half Down Bob Hair

Basic vertical braids are so yesterday. For a style that is complicated, girly and cleaned at the same time, have a go at wrapping a flat lacy braid around your head. It’s a creative way to keep those stray strands far away from your face, in addition to it’s appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

Half Up Half Down Bob

3. Half Up Half Down Bob Hairstyle

Can you say adorable? We love the imagination applied for this hairstyle, and the way the braid was presented creatively. It starts with a braid on the top, which spirals into a cute, small, turned bun at the end.

Half Up Half Down Bob Hairstyles

Ideal for either everyday wear or increasingly elegant occasions, half up half down hairstyles is great for all hair types and length, always making them a popular style decision.

4. Easy Half Up Bob Hairstyle

Half Up Bob Hairstyles

5. Cute Bob Half Up Half Down

Bob Half Up Half Down

6. Adorable Style

Adorable Half Up Half Down Bob-6

7. Twisted Half Up

Twisted Half Up Half Down Bob-7

8. Dark Brown Bob

Dark Brown Half Up Half Down Bob-8

9. Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Blonde Half Up Half Down Bob-9

10. Simple Style

Simple Half Up Half Down Bob-10


Half Up Half Down Bob-11


Half Up Half Down Bob-12


Half Up Half Down Bob-13


Half Up Half Down Bob-14


Half Up Half Down Bob-15


Half Up Half Down Bob-16


Half Up Half Down Bob-17


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