Elegant Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies


Are you tired of boring, old-fashioned hairstyles that will make you look older? Today I want to how you the latest bob haircut ideas that will flatter your facial features and make you look really stylish and younger. If you want to update your look anytime soon please take a look at our gallery for inspiration:

1. Bob Haircut for Older Ladies

Lightly layered short bob hair is perfect choice for mature women with graying hair, big and soft waves is a must for thick hair textures.

Bob Haircut for Older Ladies


2. Grey Bob Haircut

Here is another graying layered bob hairstyle that looks stunning on this lady.

Bob Haircut for Older Women


3. Modern Bob Hair Cut

Modern bob haircuts like this layered bob below are nicely layered that will add a texture and style to the bob haircut.

Bob Hair Cuts for Older Ladies

4. Gorgeous Bob Hair

It is really important to have volume in the hair when you are at a certain age, voluminous hairstyles will make women much more younger.

Bob Hair Older Ladies

5. Bob Hair for Over 50

Here is a really gorgeous curly bob hairstyle, copper-cinnamon hair coloring and layered bob looks absolutely gorgeous.

Bob Hair for Older Ladies

6. Slicked Back

If you are looking for a masculine and modern hairstyle for special occasions here is a silver gray slicked back hairstyle:

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-6

7. Loose Curls

Big and loose curls are the most suitable hairstyle for special events, it will add modern and chic style.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-7

8. Simple Bob

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-8

9. Very Short Bob

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-9

10. Natural White Hair with Highlights

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-10

11. Long Bob

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-11

12. Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyle

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-12

13. Modern Cut

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-13

14. Shaggy Cut

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-14

15. Platinum Grey Hair

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-15

16. Ash Blonde

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-16

17. Naturally Curly Long Bob Hairstyle

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-17

18. Blonde Lights on a Bob with Bangs

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-18


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