Eye-Catching Bob Haircuts for Older Women


People expect older women to adopt really boring short haircuts like a simple pixie cut or short bob hairstyles. But you can go with any hairstyle you desire especially if you want to look stylish and younger.

1. Long Bob Haircut for Older Women

Long bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hair lengths for women of all ages.

Bob Haircut for Older Women


2. Casual Bob Haircut Older Women

Layered short bob haircuts are great for mature women with thick and gray hair, this way you can easily style your hair.

Bob Haircuts Older Women

3. Best Blonde Long Bob Hair

If you want to look younger and styling this blonde long bob with layers is a perfect choice!

Bob Hair for Older Women

4. Layered Bob Hairstyle for Older Women

Nicely layered short hairstyles with blonde hair color are one of the most preferred looks for older women.

Bob Hairstyle for Older Women


5. 2017 Long Bob Haircut

Gray hair color is not always mean the old lady look because you can look really stylish with a gray bob hairstyle.

2017 Bob Haircuts for Older Women

6. Modern Short Bob

Silver gray bob hairstyle is perfect for ladies who want to keep their graying hair and yet look really cool and stylish.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-6

7. Slicked Back Style

This slicked back bob hairstyle is perfect for older women who will attend special events like weddings or any dinner invitations.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-7

8. Blonder Colored

Blonde hair color is one of the most preferred hair colors for older women because you can easily achieve the blonde shades with graying hair.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-8

9. Casual Look

Casual yet elegant gray-ash blonde bob hairstyles are the perfect choice for mature women with an elegant style.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-9

10. Layered Short Bob

Pixie-bob haircuts are another choice for ladies because it is very easy to style and perfect for everyday looks.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-10

11. Fine Hair

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-11

12. Soft Curls

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-12

13. Graduated Cut

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-13

14. Thin Bangs

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-14

15. Natural Grey Hair

You can look really chic and elegant with graying hair and bob hairstyle so don’t be afraid to sport your desired hairstyle with gray hair.

Bob Haircuts for Older Women-15


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