Good-Looking Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces


Round face shape may mistake for chubby faces and people think that only chubby girls have round face but it is actually about the shape of the face. Some hairstyles look great with round face and some don’t. So if you want to see which haircuts flatter round face shape keep reading!

1. Bob for Round Face

Layered and slightly angled short bob haircut is a good idea for round face, deep purple hair color is also make the haircut look unique.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces


2. Emily Jane Browning

Here is a center-parted short pixie-bob hairstyle that will flatter round faces immediately.

Bob Haircuts for Rounded Faces

3. Long Bob Hair Style

Face-framing highlights are always a good idea for round face because it will add a really nice flow and shine to bob haircuts.

Bob Hair Styles for Rounded Faces

4. Olivia Culpo

Medium length haircuts are perfect for round faces because these longer haircuts will make your face shape look slimmer.

Bob Hair for Rounded Faces

5. Short Bob with Undercut

If your hair is really voluminous or thick you can go with layered haircuts or undercut styles that will make your face look thinner.

2017 Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces

6. Chubby Face

How about chubby women? Angled or inverted bob haircuts are perfect for chubby faces because longer strands will create the illusion of a slimmer face.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-6

7. Lauren Conrad Short Hair

Here is a simple yet adorable short bob hairstyle with wavy ends, side parting make the look really cute and chic.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-7

8. Choppy Cut

Short bob with choppy layering will add a really nice texture to this bob haircut.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-8


9. Side Bangs

If you want to sport short layered hairstyle side bangs and highlights would be a good idea especially for mature ladies.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-9

10. Lucy Hale Hair Bangs

Long bangs and choppy layering with highlights is perfectly suited thick hair type like Lucy Hale’s.

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-10

Here are other short hair ideas for round face shape:

11. Mackenzie Davis

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-11

12. Very Longer Bob

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-12

13. Asian Style

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-13

14. Adorable Styles

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-14

15. Long Side Bangs

Bob Hairstyles for Rounded Faces-15


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