Great Hair Coloring Option: Balayage on Bob Haircuts


Balayage coloring is gaining more popularity in recent years, natural looking highlights and balayage is perfect for women who like casual and natural looks. Sharp ombres leave their place to the natural looking balayage-ombre hair coloring so we want to show you the best examples of the bob haircuts with balayage:

1. Short Shaggy & Angled Bob

This shaggy and angled bob hair with balayage coloring looks really natural and chic that create the effect of full and voluminous hair.

Balayage Bob Hairstyles

2. Balayage Blonde Short Hair

Ashy blonde balayage coloring and dark roots are completed with a layered haircut and chic short bob hairstyle.

Balayage Colored Bob Hairstyles

3. Bob Hair with Blonde Balayage

Here is a really textured and voluminous layered bob hairstyle with light blonde balayage coloring that adds a nice look.

Bob Hair with Balayage

4. Ash Blonde Balayage with Bob Hairstyle

If you want to get natural and nicely blended balayage you need to get professional help to achieve this adorable look.

Balayage Bob Hairstyles

5. Balayage Colored Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Here is a wavy ashy colored inverted bob hairstyle idea, ashy blonde balayage coloring adds a nice modern look to this choppy bob.

Balayage Color Bob Hairstyles

6. Medium Layered Haircut

Balayage Bob Haircuts-6

7. Textured Cut

Balayage Bob Haircuts-7

8. Pale Colored Balayage

Balayage Bob Haircuts-8

9. Medium Bob Haircut

Balayage Bob Haircuts-9

10. Great Color

Balayage Bob Haircuts-10

11. A Line Cut

Balayage Bob Haircuts-11

12. Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Balayage Bob Haircuts-12

13. Caramel Short Hair

Balayage Bob Haircuts-13

14. Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Balayage Bob Haircuts-14

15. Messy Blonde Hair

Balayage Bob Haircuts-15


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