Highlighted Bob Styles for a New Hair Color


Do you want to make a fresh start in the new year? Well we think you can do it easily by changing your hair color or hairstyle. Highlights are perfect for giving some color with minimum damage.

1. Highlighted Wavy Bob Hair

Light highlights color like blonde is very popular and any woman can find a nice blonde shade for herself.

Highlighted Bob

2. A Line Highlighted Bob Hairstyle

Here is an A-line bob hairstyle with blonde highlights, it blends nicely with the chocolate brown hair color.

Highlighted Bob Hairstyles

3. Best Blonde Highlighted Bob

This is a great and natural bob hairstyle with lighter blonde highlights.

Blonde Highlighted Bob

4. Highlights for Dark Brown Bob Hair

If you have dark hair color and don’t want blonde highlights this gorgeous highlight would be a great choice for you.

Highlighted Bob Haircuts

5. Short Highlighted Bob Hair with Layers

If you have thick hair, layering and highlights would be a great option for you, layering will help you to style your hair easily and light color will create a thinner look.

Short Highlighted Bob Hairstyles

6. Soft Blonde Lights

Sun kissed soft blonde highlights are perfect for ladies with darker blonde hair color.

Highlighted Bob Hair-6

7. Straight Hair

Sleek straight, angled and her hair looks definitely healthy and shiny.

Highlighted Bob Hair-7

8. Stacked Style

This stacked bob hairstyle has 3 different hair colors including black, chocolate brown and blonde.

Highlighted Bob Hair-8

9. Angled Collar Bone Bob

Ash colored highlights would be a great choice for brunettes since the ash color would nicely blend in brown hair color.

Highlighted Bob Hair-9

10. Medium Bob

This is almost looks like ombre that makes her hair look much more stylish and modern.

Highlighted Bob Hair-10

11. Dark Blonde

Dark blonde hair with lighter blonde highlights creates a really natural and stylish look.

Highlighted Bob Hair-11

12. Pixie Bob

Pixie bob style with rose gold and blonde hair color looks definitely gorgeous and textured.

Highlighted Bob Hair-12

13. Jennifer Aniston

We love Jennifer Aniston’s bob hairstyles, in this pic she sports long and blonde bob hair with baby lights.

Highlighted Bob Hair-13

14. Short-Medium

Layered bob hairstyles gives a nice texture and volume to straight and fine hair textures.

Highlighted Bob Hair-14

15. Trendy Style

Once you have really nice highlights for your hair you will have a great style for this new year for sure!

Highlighted Bob Hair-15


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