Inverted Bob Haircuts for All Women


If you need a new bob haircut style, or you’re bored with long hair, you should definitely try one of these inverted bob styles. Especially the layered inverted bob haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles of all ladies recently. With this bob hair style that business women use a lot, you can create a classic and modern image.

Long inverted or short inverted bob?

You will look quite modern with this hair, also it’s really useful hairstyle for those who do not have time to deal with. The long inverted bob is a stylish and cool hair style, especially for young ladies. In particular, the wavy long inverted bob is one of the most beautiful views for street style fashion.

1. Short Inverted Bob Haircut

Soft layers looks amazing for fine ash blonde hair. Graduated back layers really nice combination for inverted bob haircut.
Short Inverted Bob Haircuts

2. Light Brown Inverted Bob Hair

You can use inverted cuts on your natural brown hair, and it will looks totally beautiful.
Pictures of Inverted Bob Haircuts

3. Short Blonde Inverted Bob Haircut

White blonde inverted hair looks so stylish for every age ladies. Smooth straight blondie hair color looks really attractive for ladies.
Short Blonde Inverted Bob Haircuts

4. Inverted Bob Shaved Underneath
Pictures of Inverted Bob Haircuts Front and Back

5. White Blonde Short Inverted Bob Hair
Short Inverted Bob Haircuts Back View

6. Natural Brown Hair with Soft Lights
Inverted Bob Haircut-6

7. Thick Inverted Bob Haircut
Inverted Bob Haircut-7

8. Dark Brown Hairstyle
Inverted Bob Haircut-8

9. Inverted Bob Back View
Inverted Bob Haircut-9

10. Modern Bob Cut
Inverted Bob Haircut-10

11. Natural Look
Inverted Bob Haircut-11

12. Inverted Bob with Bangs
Inverted Bob Haircut-12

13. Wavy Bob Style
Inverted Bob Haircut-13

14. Highlight Hair Color
Inverted Bob Haircut-14

15. Blonde Balayage
Inverted Bob Haircut-15

16. Blonde Bob Cut
Inverted Bob Haircut-16

17. Inverted Bob Front View
Inverted Bob Haircut-17

18. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair
Inverted Bob Haircut-18

19. Layered Back View
Inverted Bob Haircut-19

20. Long Inverted Bob Haircut
Inverted Bob Haircut-20


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