Most Beloved Long Bob Styles for Round Face


Some people say that if you have round face you shouldn’t opt for short hairstyles especially short bobs since they will make your face shape look much more rounder. This idea is not exactly true, longer bob styles will look great on any women with round face!

1. Angled Bob

Angled hairstyles have the ability to show your face shape longer so even slightly angled bobs would make a difference.

Long Bob Round Face

2. Long Bob

Long bob hair or mid length hairstyle are suitable for mostly any women with different facial features. This lob can flatter oval faces more since there is no layering at the front to create volume around her face.

Long Bob for Round Face

3. Long Length Bob

Medium length hairstyles are really popular among women including celebrities, loose soft waves will help you to create modern and chic looks.

Long Bobs for Round Faces

4. Shoulder Length Hair

If you have thick hair and round face, layering at the ends of the hair will help you to style your hair much more easily and get the attention from your face shape.

Long Bob Hairstyles for Round Face

5. A Line Long Bob for Round Face

It is a wise choice to avoid voluminous hairstyle when you want to make your face shape look much more oval shaped.

Long Bob Haircut for Round Face

6. Dark Hair

There is an other way not to over emphasize your face shape is draw attention to different features, in this pic she emphasize color of her eyes with dark hair color.

7. Layered Cut

You can also make your face longer with layering, her hair is getting thinner at the ends makes her face look much more longer.

Long Bob for Round Face-7

8. Emma Stone

Side swept bangs would be suitable for ladies with round face, if it is long and with longer bob style.

Long Bob for Round Face-8

9. Nice Blonde Bob

Before we said that you should avoid voluminous hairstyles but there is nothing wrong with adding some movement with blow dry.

Long Bob for Round Face-9

10. Ashley Benson Short Hair

Center parting is the best style for girls with rounder face shape, middle parted long bob hairstyles are one of the best options for that.

Long Bob for Round Face-10

11. Shoulder Length Wavy

Here is another blonde long bob hairstyle with waves that can flatter any women with medium to light skin tones.

Long Bob for Round Face-11

12. Brunette Bob

Deep side parted long bangs nicely frames her face and caramel highlights creates a modern and chic style.

Long Bob for Round Face-12

13. Thick Hair

If you have not noticed, we have included many angled styles in our gallery. It is a great haircut for both thick and thin hair texture. Layering creates a lightness and modern look.

Long Bob for Round Face-13

Let’s see few other layered bob hairstyle ideas below:

14. Mid Length Bob

Long Bob for Round Face-14

15. Soft Highlights

Long Bob for Round Face-15

16. Cute Round Face

Long Bob for Round Face-16

17. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has round face shape as you can see she prefer mid length hairstyles and long bobs generally.

Long Bob for Round Face-17

18. Kaley’s Long Bob

Long bob hair is sported by many different celebrities with different styles.

Long Bob for Round Face-18

19. Half Updo

Half updo styles are magically make any face much more longer because it gets your hair our of your face nicely.

Long Bob for Round Face-19

20. Side Parted

We end our gallery with this deep side parted angled bob hairstyle, this hair color is perfect for ladies with medium skin tones, angled style would also flatter round faces.

Long Bob for Round Face-20


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