Most Pretty Long Bob Idedas


Lobs, in other words, long bob hairstyles are one of the most preferred haircuts for women all around the world. Many celebrities adopted this hairstyle and we all know that it looks definitely stylish, modern and chic.

1. Dark Brown Lob Hair

Dark brown hair with messy style and natural waves is always a good idea for young women with a style.
Long Bob Hair


2. Long Bob Hair Cut

Here is a sleek straight side-parted bob hairstyle that is slightly cut angled.

Long Bob Cut

3. Lucy Hale Long Bob Hair

Lucy Hale’s middle-parted long bob hair with ombre highlights nicely flatter her face and eyes.

Long Hair Bob

4. Long Blonde Bob Hair

Dark roots and blonde layered long bob hairstyle look definitely perfect with ash blonde hair.

Long Bob Hair Cut

5. Emily Rudd Long Bobs Hairstyle

This light brown bob hairstyle with layering is perfect for girls who want to look simple yet gorgeous.

Long Bobs Hairstyles

6. Sleek Bob

Brunette sleek straight bob hair with asymmetrical haircut is perfect for women who want to look stylish with straight hair.

Long Bob Haircut-6

7. Asian Style

Here is a simple yet adorable hairstyle idea for women with thick hair texture, the hair color, layering and messy style create a nice look.

Long Bob Haircut-7

8. Casual Cut

Casual mid length bob hairstyle with messy style would be a great choice for women with fine hair.

Long Bob Haircut-8

9. Layered Long Bob

Layers are the best way to give some texture and style to long bob hairstyles like this one:

Long Bob Haircut-9

10. Brown with Blonde Lights

Blonde highlights would look really stylish and flattering on brown bob hairstyles with layers.

Long Bob Haircut-10

11. Wavy Ends

This angled or inverted bob hairstyle is styled into waves that make this bob hair look stylish and adorable.

Long Bob Haircut-11

12. Straight Hair

For fine and straight hair, blunt haircuts can be a good choice to make the hair look fuller.

Long Bob Haircut-12

13. Pinned Up

Here is a updo style that will emphasize your facial features and create a nice style for different occasions.

Long Bob Haircut-13

14. Naturally Curly Hair Bob

If you have naturally curly hair, this bob hairstyle with light layering and dark hair would look really nice on you.

Long Bob Haircut-14

15. Curly Bangs

Women with curly hair can go with bob hairstyles with bangs that will lead them an adorable and unique style.

Long Bob Haircut-15

16. Messy Hair

Long Bob Haircut-16

17. Trendy Cut

Long Bob Haircut-17

18. Simple Long Bob

Long Bob Haircut-18

19. Blonde Ombre

Long Bob Haircut-19

20. Ash Blonde Lights

At the end of this gallery, I want to show you a really trending angled bob hairstyle with blonde baby lights.

Long Bob Haircut-20


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