Must-Try Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas


If you can’t decide whether you want a bob haircut or a pixie cut here are Must-Try Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas for you to solve your dilemma!

1. Pixie Cut for Round Faces

This pixie cut with longer sides and bangs with highlights is a great choice for round faces.

Pixie Bob

2. 2016 Pixie Bob

Here is a gorgeous inverted pixie bob style, vibrant hair color and layers give a really nice look to her style.

Pixie Bob Haircut

3. Layered Pixie Bob

This undercut style layered pixie cut is a great choice for women with thick hair texture.

Pixie Bobs

4. Kristen Stewart

Look at this bob pixie cut of Kristen Stewart, she is cute, masculine yet stylish.

Pixie Bob Hair

5. Frankie Sandford

Short asymmetrical hairstyles are cool, chic and stylish way to show off your style.

Pixie Bob Cut

6. Shaved Hairstyle

This short bob or long pixie looks like a classy one but as you can see shaved sides and undercut add a eye-catching look to her style.

Pixie Bob Haircut-6

7. Pink Blonde Hair

Here is a pink and platinum blonde short hairstyle that will make you stand out of the crowd easily.

Pixie Bob Haircut-7

8. Short Bob with Long Bangs

This blonde pixie bob with long side bangs is a nice choice for women with straight or wavy hair.

Pixie Bob Haircut-8

9. Curly Hair

If you have thick & curly hairstyle this short bob haircut with choppy layers will help you to maintain your hair much more easily.

Pixie Bob Haircut-9

10. For Older Women

Here is a blonde short haircut that is suitable for mature women.

Pixie Bob Haircut-10

11. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Pixie Bob Haircut-11

12. Pixie Blonde Hair

Pixie Bob Haircut-12

13. Bob Pixie Cut

Here is a dark bob pixie style with wispy bangs, this short hair is cute yet chic.

Pixie Bob Haircut-13

14. Back View

Here is a shiny and cute short bob hairstyle that nicely flatter her face and skin tone.

Pixie Bob Haircut-14

15. Highlighted Pixie Bob Cut

Here is an asymmetrical short hairstyle is great for girls with thick hair, look at those layers and texture at the back!

Pixie Bob Haircut-15


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