Newest 20 Long Bob Hairstyles


Many women back down from bobs because they are too scared to even think about parting ways with the length. A long bob is ideal for those pining after the short hairstyle yet may not be ready to completely submit. These hairstyles can be similarly as female as they are daring and we have 20 photographs of inspo to prove it. Additionally, prepare to end up green with envy at these lady’s salon-quality colors, from dark brunette to brilliant blonde and everything in the middle.

1. Long Bob Hairstyle

Wanting the maximum amount of length yet yearning for a shoulder-length “lob“? This long blonde bob sports textured waves for an ultra-present day feel to it. The completely featured and somewhat messy feel is ideal for late spring beachy short-hair couldn’t care less attitude.

Long Bob Hairstyles

2. Straight Long Bob Hair

This long choppy angled bob is a crisp take on the traditional A-line bob. The basic texture and the elongated face-framing pieces add a feeling of a “delicate edge.” A beautiful balayage system lights up the brunette and adds measurement to each angle for an overall set up together a look that doesn’t make a decent attempt.

Long Bob Haircut

3. Curly Long Bob

This too smooth look shows off the layered long bob. Imagine running your hands through the straightened tresses to tousle the hairstyle for an easy stun of playful volume.

Long Bob Cut

You need a hair change that’s somewhat edgier and messier yet you don’t want the short bob hairstyles of the past. We get it. Fortunately, long choppy bobs are updated and chic. They clear above the shoulders for a playful vibe and still have the opportunity to create the hairstyle according to your very own inclination.

4. Blonde Long Bob Hair

When looking through the photographs, think about how much exertion you want to place into creating the completed look.

Long Bob Hairstyle

5. Inverted Lob Hairstyle 2019

Create beachy texture easily with some sea salt spray, tousle in volume with hairspray or dry shampoo utilizing only your fingertips, or spend too much on some all-out features and let the colors add measurement and take the necessary steps for you.

Lob Hairstyles 2019

6. Fine Hair

Long Bob Hairstyles Fine Hair-6

7. Dark Brown Colored

Dark Brown Long Bob Hairstyles-7

8. Cute Blonde Bob

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles-8

9. Red Colored

Red Colored Long Bob Hairstyles-9

10. Soft Wavy Style

Soft Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles-10


Long Bob Hairstyles-11


Long Bob Hairstyles-12


Long Bob Hairstyles-13


Long Bob Hairstyles-14


Long Bob Hairstyles-15


Long Bob Hairstyles-16


Long Bob Hairstyles-17


Long Bob Hairstyles-18


Long Bob Hairstyles-19


Long Bob Hairstyles-20


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