Nice Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies


Bob hair is biggest hair trend of recent years and older ladies can have modern bob hairstyles too! Please take a look at these Nice Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies and be inspired!

1. Grey Bob Hairstyle

Classy bob haircuts perfectly fit for older ladies, gray hair also looks modern with bobs.

Bob Hairstyles for Older Ladies


2. Cynthia Nixon

If you have light skin tone, this ginger red hair color and gorgeous bob hairstyle would look great on you.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies

3. Grey Hair

Most of the time gray hair is much more thicker than your former hair so blunt bobs with bangs would look nice with gray hair.

Bob Hairstyle for Older Ladies

4. Flattering Bob

Layered hairstyles are perfect for women with thin or thinning air, this way you can achieve more textured look.

Bob Haircut for Older Women

5. Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin sport really nice and modern short haircut that flatter her face nicely.

Bob Cuts for Older Women

6. Medium Bob

This medium length bob hairstyle can be sported by women of any age but it would look great on mature women.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-6

7. Simple Bob

Here is simple bob hair, this bob is a nice look for older ladies who have gray or platinum blonde hair color.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-7

8. Jodi Foster

Jodie Foster sports really textured and layered short haircut, those layers give a really nice volume to your hair.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-8


9. Straight Bob

Long bob hairstyles with layers would look great on older women with straight hair.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-9

10. Roxanne Gould

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-10

11. Lowlights

If you wanna add some different style to your bob add in some low-lights.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-11

12. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a great actress and she knows how to style her bob, as you can see she sports messy bob with wispy bangs in this pic.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-12

13. Side Bangs

Wispy bangs are great for getting the attention to your eyes and cover up wrinkles.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-13

14. Yolanda Foster

Deep side parted blonde bob hairstyle of Yolanda Foster can be a big inspiration for ladies with thin hair.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-14


15. Sleek Bob

Sleek straight bob hairstyle of her add a really nice and modern look to her style.

Bob Haircuts for Older Ladies-15


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