Most Trending Short Layered Bob Cuts Right Now


If you want to update your look with a stylish bob haircut here are the latest images of Most Trending Short Layered Bob Cuts Right Now! Check our gallery and tips below to achieve trendy looks.

1. Bob with Lowlights

Layered bob hairstyles look really natural and stylish with highlights and low-lights.

Short Layered Bob

2. Layered Red Bob

Here is a layered short bob hairstyle with red hair color that is suitable for women of all ages.

Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

3. Short Layered Grey Bob

Here is a short layered hairstyle for ladies with gray and thick hair.

Short Layered Bob Haircuts

4. Cute Straight Bob

Side parted straight bob hairstyle with a natural hair color is always a good idea.

Short Layered Bobs

5. Blonde Short Bob

You can add some texture and nice style with layering on bob hair.

Layered Short Bob

6. Sassy Bob

Here is a cute and sassy short hairstyle for blonde women with straight hair.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-6

7. Ashley Benson

Middle parted messy bob hairstyle of Ashley Benson is a nice example of a modern short haircut.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-7

8. Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are great way to give some texture and volume to your hair as you can see below:

Short Layered Bob Cuts-8

9. Thick Hair Type

Layering at the ends of the hair will help you to style your hair easily.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-9

10. Simple Style

This simple yet cute short hairstyle is perfect for women of all ages but mostly for mature ladies.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-10

11. Dark Hair

Here is dark wavy short layered hairstyle that is perfect for thick hair texture.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-11

12. Layered Bob Back View

If you wanna see the back view of a bob haircut here is a good example:

Short Layered Bob Cuts-12

13. Straight Layered Hair

Straight hair texture would look much more voluminous and texture with layers.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-13

14. Messy Short Bob

Short Layered Bob Cuts-14

15. Angled Bob

Angled bob hairstyles are still in trends, you can go with angled short bob with layering for a stylish appearance.

Short Layered Bob Cuts-15


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