Our Favourite Bob Haircuts for Round Faces


Women with round face generally find it hard to sport trending short hairstyles. However there are many different short haircuts that will look great on women with round face. All you need to do is find a haircut that won’t make your face look rounder.

1. Chic Bob Haircut for Round Faces

Lightly layered long bob is always a good idea for round faces, as you can see layering will make your face look much more oval shaped.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces


2. Short Inverted Asymmetrical Bob

If you want to sport a short bob hairstyle you need to add in some layering and angled haircut is a good idea too.

Bob Hair for Round Faces

3. Cute Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

Here is a cute short bob hairstyle with messy style and choppy layering.

Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

4. Asymmetrical Bob Cut for Round Faces

This wavy bob hairstyle with blunt cut is actually asymmetrical and make her look much more modern and stylish.

Bobs for Round Faces

5. Bob with Undercut

Bob haircut with dark roots, asymmetrical style and undercut is perfect for thick hair, it will make your face look thinner too.

Bob Cuts for Round Faces

6. Pixie Bob Cut

Gray pixie bob style with layering is a nice inspiration for young women.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-6

7. Misha Hart

Short bangs would be a great choice if you have round face and bo haircut but you should avoid long bangs to prevent more rounder look.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-7

8. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde and gray hair colors are very popular among young women and this bob haircut is perfect for women who have thick hair.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-8

9. Angled Bob

Angled bob hairstyles are definitely right choice for round faced women because frontal strands will make your face look much more longer.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-9

10. Long Asymmetrical Bob

Long bob is one of the most preferred hairstyle for women because it will look great on every face shape including round face shape.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-10

11. Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Layering is the key to a perfect short hairstyle and this rose gold short haircut looks modern and chic.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-11

12. Side Parted Bob

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-12

13. Girl with White Hair

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-13

14. Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-14

15. Layered Bob

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-15

16. Jessica Alba

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-16

17. Kelly Clarkson

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-17

18. Adele

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-18

19. Hairstyles for Round Faces

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-19

20. Fernanda Vasconcellos

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces-20


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