Outstanding Inverted Bob Ideas for a New Outlook


Inverted haircuts are one of the best looks for women who like to sport unique and eye-catching styles. There are many different inverted and angled hairstyles that you can sport. The ideas in our gallery are so beautiful that you will want to go and cut your hair right away!

1. Wedge Style Inverted Cut

We have said that there are many different inverted styles that you ca opt with, one of them is a shorter style that is called wedge.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles


2. Medium Length

You can easily turn your long bob or long hair into mid length inverted bob hairstyle, this one is perfect for straight hair.

Inverted Bob Haircut

3. Chic Inverted Bob

Inverted bob hair won’t look like any different from regular bob hair but from the sides it would look really stylish and unique.

Inverted Bobs

4. With Bangs

Angled styles looks great with bangs especially if you have thick hair texture like in this pic below:

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

5. Grey Hair

Gray hair color is one of the most popular color ideas for young women, with this angled and layered bob hair it looks fantastic.

Inverted Bob Haircuts

6. Long Bob

Look at this angled lob! Highlights and gorgeous waves creates an eye-catching look for this lady.

Inverted Bob-6

7. Red Highlights

This dark red hair color is perfect for ladies with medium to dark skin tones and curly hair, angled cut would look great with this style too!

Inverted Bob-7

8. Choppy Layers

Shorter at the back, longer in the front, this haircut is a rebellious choice for young women.

Inverted Bob-8

9. Blonde Lights

Slightly angled bob hairstyle is highlighted with lighter blonde hair colors to create this gorgeous straight bob hairstyle.

Inverted Bob-9

10. Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

Stacked back is the key to a significant inverted bob hairstyle, darker hair can be seen at the back of the head.

Inverted Bob-10

11. Pink Lights

Here is a short inverted bob hair with stacked back and vibrant pink highlights, it is fresh and eye-catching.

Inverted Bob-11

12. Straight Hair

Inverted Bob-12

13. Old Fashioned

Here is a classy angled style, this haircut was really popular in 90’s but nowadays young women like to sport this haircut for a new look.

Inverted Bob-13

14. Messy and Wavy

If you have wavy or curly hair, inverted cuts would look definitely perfect on you also messy styles are nice option for wavy hair.

Inverted Bob-14

15. Curly Hair

Keep this secret between us: inverted bob hair look as its best on curly hair, as you can see it looks definitely adorable.

Inverted Bob-15

16. Inverted Bob and Bangs

Inverted Bob-16

17. Thick Brown Hair

Inverted Bob-17

18. Curly Hair Side View

Inverted Bob-18

19. Classy Look

Here is an inverted bob hair for middle aged women with blonde blonde hair color this hairstyle is really easy to style and perfect for any occasions.

Inverted Bob-19

20. Brunette Hair

Last picture may be a nice inspiration for brunettes, angled style moves a regular bob to a different spot.

Inverted Bob-20


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