Stylish Bob Hairstyles and Cuts for Young Girls


When you are in your 20’s it is perfect time to experiment with your hair color and style. You can try really unique and different hair color trends like gray, green or even rainbow hair coloring trends.  Haircuts are also very versatile and there are million of different hairstyles to try!

1. Dark Green Bob Hairstyle for Girls

Here is a good example of a unique style: messy short bob with bangs colored with deep green.

Bob Hairstyles for Girls


2. Short Brown Hair Balayage

If you like natural and stylish looks this natural balayage ombre with choppy layers would be a nice ide for you.

Bob Haircuts for Girls

3. Cute Pink Bob Hair for Girls

If you have colorful personality you should show of this side of yours with your looks, here is a really cute cotton candy colored wavy bob hair idea:

Bob Hair for Girls

4. Choppy Chin Length Bob

Chin length short bob with a little bit of angle and choppy ends would be the best choice for girls with fine hair.

Bob Hair Styles for Girls

5. Short Colored Hair with Bangs

Ashy deep blue bob with long bangs look really nice on this girl with light skin tone.

Girls Bob Haircuts

6. French Bob with Glasses

French bob is always a good choice for you if you like sophisticated styles with bangs.

Bob Cuts for Girls-6

7. Pixie Bob Cut

Bob Cuts for Girls-7

8. Curly Bob Cut

Bob Cuts for Girls-8

9. Girl with Brown Bob Hair

Bob Cuts for Girls-9

10. Hair Undercut

Bob Cuts for Girls-10

11. Short Dark Wavy Hair

Bob Cuts for Girls-11

12. Balayage Bob Cut

Bob Cuts for Girls-12

13. Cute Short Bob

Bob Cuts for Girls-13

14. Daily Hairstyle

Bob Cuts for Girls-14

15. Red Hair Angled Bob

Bob Cuts for Girls-15


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