Superb Long Bob Haircuts for 2017


Bob hairstyles are very very popular that lots of women looking for new hairstyle ideas that will make them look modern and stylish. Long bob haircut is the best option for ladies who want to chop off their hair but don’t want to go super short.

1. 2017 Long Bob Haircut

Face framing blonde highlights and messy long to medium bob hairstyle is perfect for young ladies.

Long Bob Haircut


2. Karol Queiroz

Copper red bob hairstyle is definitely the best choice for girls with light skin tone and

Long Bob Hairstyles

3. Long Bob Haircut

Inverted long bob haircuts with blonde hair coloring look definitely modern and effortlessly chic.

Long Bob Haircuts 2017

4. Wavy Long Bob Hair Cut

Wavy hair and long bob goes great together, layering gives the opportunity to create natural waves.

Long Bob Hair Cuts

5. Lob Hair Style

If you have thick and blonde hair this lob would be an excellent inspiration for you.

Long Bob Hair Styles

6. Bob with Undercut

Women with thick hair can go with this lob with undercut this way your hair will be much more easy to style.

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-6

7. Curly Bob

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-7

8. Layered Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-8

9. Hair Trend

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-9

10. Platinum Blonde Long Bob

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-10

11. Blonde Hair Olive Skin

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-11

12. Jemima Kirke

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-12

13. Brown Ombre

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-13

14. Shoulder Length

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-14

15. Lob Cut

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-15

16. Silver Blonde Bob Hair

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-16

17. Long Angled Bob Blonde

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-17

18. Blunt Blonde Lob

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-18

19. Blonde To Dark Blonde

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-19

20. Arielle Vandenberg

Long Bob Haircuts 2017-20


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